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Our pipe stand HD2-300U is designed and built to support, roll, and handle pipes of various weights and diameters. They also serve as a supporting tool with column/boom manipulators and welding positioners.

Using our pipe stands provides optimal solutions to welding applications on-site maximizing the production, improving fusion processes, and reducing tear and wear. We use urethane rollers on HD2-300U to protect pipes from scarring, minimize drag forces, and reduce demand for additional equipment on the job site. Another benefit of using our pipe stands is quick vertical height adjustments that lower material handling time and effort. They also secure pipe rolling and handling, reduce strain on operators, and increase productivity.

LJ’s pipe stand HD2-300U can handle and roll pipes which diameters ranging from 2" to 48", and weigh up to 2 tons. Our welding pipe stands can be adjusted in height. This provides operators an opportunity to raise or lower pipes for different applications. Besides rolling, our pipe stands can be fixed in place, ready for any applications that do not require rolling. When it comes to options and features, we offer numerous customizable solutions to meet the needs of our customers. That includes modified sawhorses, vee casters, rail casters, and swivel style casters with brakes for easier movement of this pipe stand around the shop.

If you are looking for a manual pipe stand, but seeking different specs, make sure to check out our 2 tons capacity roller support stands (welding pipe stands) - HD2L-200U