4000 lb Pipe Roller Stands (Short) HD2L-200U

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Our manual pipe stands are typically used for applications that include rolling, supporting, and handling pipes safely and efficiently. They are also designed to serve as a support in conjunction with a welding positioner and boom/column manipulator.

LJ’s welding pipe stand HD2L-200U is the ideal solution for heavy-duty pipe handling, in the workshop or for site applications. Using our pipe stands eventually results in reduced tear/wear on machinery and strain produced on operators. Our pipe stands also come with urethane rolling wheels with lubricated fittings that allow smooth and safe rotation of pipes and materials for welding fabrication. Further, our HD2L-200U pipe stand can significantly boost productivity and lower the amount of physical work, which essentially saves time.

As far as the features go, our pipe stands can be manually height-adjusted in the range of 24"-36" so the pipe is supported at the same height as the machine. By bringing the pipe in parallel to the machine it is much easier to adjust hi/low and achieve a square face-off. The loading capacity for HD2L-200U is 2 tons and the diameter ranges from 2” to 48”. We also offer a variety of options and accessories that can be added to the customer’s demand. This includes different roller tops and base options.

If you are looking for a manual pipe stand, but seeking different specs, make sure to check out our short modular roller support stand HD2-300U with a load capacity of 2 tons.