16,000 lb Gear Elevated Pipe Stands UHD-200

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Our modular pipe stand supports are widely used in applications and processes that concern pipes, tanks, cylinders, and other objects with a cylindrical shape. It comes with geared height adjustability and roller base.

One of the key benefits UHD-200 offers is the elevation and lowering of gears that ensures the precise leveling of pipes with machines. This essentially makes it easier for welders to perform fusion applications. Our gear adjustable pipe support stands lower the risks of any damage on the pipe coating and reduces the workload of operators. Furthermore, they maximize the spooling productivity. LJ’s pipe stands with geared adjustability to ensure efficient pipe handling and can be used as static support when the rolling is not necessary.

Our modular pipe stands provide a geared height adjustment under load with customizable options. The maximum loadability is 8 tons and the diameter range diverges from 8", all the way up to 60". The height adjustability ranges from 30" to 42" using a geared dual screw jack. We also offer a number of accessories and options that can be included in the customer’s demand. That covers roller wheels that are available in different materials (urethane, steel, or other custom material) custom tops (multidirectional ball transfers, vee rollers, and flat rollers), sawhorse tops, and vee tops. 

We, in LJ Welding, try to bring you the best products that satisfy your demands, so make sure to look at our other modular pipe roller stand with a load capacity of 8 tons e.g. SHD-850 if you’re looking for turning rolls with different specs.