Vessel Turning Rolls – also known as rotators, used for turning and rolling large vessels, typically in tandem with boom and column manipulators for automation of vessel welding and fabrication. LJ has a range of turning rolls and rotators with height adjustability, track mount casters, and powered wheel spacing, leveling and side shift features available as followHeight Adjustable Vessel                          

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Reliable and adaptable, vessel turning rolls from LJ Welding Automation can accommodate all of your large pipe, vessel and tank turning and positioning needs.

LJ Welding Automation designs and fabricates only the highest quality turning rolls. We specialize in vessel rotators, tank turning rolls and heavy duty rollers for large pipe, as well as a wide variety of positioning applications.

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Our small or large pipe, vessel and tank turning rolls are available for rent, purchase, or long term lease. Contact us today to discuss standard or custom applications, or to inquire about our used welding equipment.