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rigging rollers for sale

LJ's pipe lifting jacks are a cost-effective way of installing pipe in tight working spaces. They are completely mechanical and do not rely on any power source for functionality.

LJ’s pipe lifting jacks, including BCPJS40-100, save time, are simple to set-up and use and don't require a hoisting device. They are also corrosion-resistant and are designed for an illustrious, long working life. By using our rigging jack BCPJS40-100, inspecting of pipes or refurbishing and replacing of supports can be done in an inexpensive and easy way

LJ’s rigging jack BCPJS40-100 has a pipe diameter ranging from 0 to 18" OD, a loading capacity of 2 tons, and a height range of 12" - 24" and screw jack adjustable. Our BCPJS40-100 is used to lift and lower pipe on or off of pipe racks during installation and pipe removals. It helps to avoid a need for cumbersome slings, jacks, or chain hoists to set pipe on or lift-off of rollers. 

Looking for a rigging jack with different specs? Make sure to check out our BCPJS15-100 with a loading capacity of 1,500 lbs.