LJ designs and builds a variety of specialized heavy duty pipe and material conveying systems.  Conveyors are used to transport material safely and efficiently to saws, cutting, or metal processing systems while minimizing crane usage and handling time.

Side-By-Side Comparison of the Pipe & Structural Steel ConveYING Systems:

Specifications LDPC-100 HDPC-100
Load Capacity 1,000 lbs per section 8,000 lbs per section
Diameter Range 1" - 16" 1 - 40"
Shipping Dimensions 15" x 120" x 36" 43" x 120" x 40"
Torque Limiter 35 ft-lbs Nax 285 ft-lbs Max
Power Requirements 240 V 240 V
Traverse Speed 40 ft/min 40 ft/min 

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