80T-700/800 80-Ton Tank Turning Rolls (Vessel Rotators)

80-Ton Tank Turning Rolls 80T-600/80T-700 


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Fixed height turning rolls are fundamental tools used to rotate and position pipes or other cylindrical workpieces. They are a reliable solution destined for welding applications including light tubes or extra-heavy walled pipe. They can be easily integrated with column and boom manipulators that maximize vessel fabrication productivity.

LJ’s fixed turning rolls have the largest diameter range and load capacity in their class. Fixed height turning rolls are useful for quick change-overs between different sized workpieces. They maximize the ease & quality of welds using synchronized rotation and reduce pipe preparation costs. Driveshaft-free dual drives with synchronized rotation provide maximum traction and control. 80T-700/800 reduces idle time using cranes and manual manipulation increasing throughput and safety of workers

All LJ’s rollers, including 80T-700/800, in the power section, are power-driven. It provides a loadability of up to 80 tons. They can adjust to the diameter of the cylindrical objects manually or through control options that are upgradeable per customer’s request. The diameter range is 1.5' - 26'. We offer many other accessories and options that can be combined together that meet our customer’s demands and needs. 

At LJ Welding, we try to offer the best solutions that meet the needs of our customers. If you’re looking for a tank turning roll with different technical specs, make sure to check out 120T-500/600 120-ton tank turning roll or 200T-500/600 200-ton tank turning roll.