200-Ton Tank Turning Rolls 200T-500, 200T-600

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Fixed height tank rollers are an essential system in welding applications that include rotation of light tubes, extra-heavy walled pipe or other cylindrical workpieces. They easily cooperate with other LJ’s products, specifically boom and column manipulators.

LJ’s fixed height vessel rollers automatically align themselves around the workpiece without the need for manual manipulation of the rollers, which improves the process of production and reduces worker fatigue. With 200T-500/600, we offer solutions that can improve your fabrication requirements and reduce pipe preparation costs. Fixed height turning rolls are effective for maximizing ease and quality of welds using synchronized rotation and quick change-overs between different sized workpieces.

200T-700/800 is power-driven in its power section. It provides easy adjustment of roller distances and compact size. It can carry a load weighing up to 200 tons. The total weight of the work object is spread on the driver and idler equally. The diameter size ranges from 1.5 to 26' making the largest diameter range in its class. LJ also offers a variety of options and additional accessories that can be established based on customer’s request.

At LJ Welding, we try to offer the best solutions that meet the needs of our customers. If you’re looking for a tank turning roll with different technical specs, make sure to check out 80T-500/600 80-ton tank turning roll or 120T-500/600 120-ton tank turning roll.