120T-500/600 120-TON 1.5-26 FT TANK TURNING ROLLS 

120-Ton 1.5-26 ft Vessel Rolls 120T-500/120T-600

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LJ’s Vessel Roller 120T-500/600 is a tool with a fixed height used in different fields that include welding applications. Our Vessel Roller can rotate and roll heavy-duty pipes, boilers, tanks, and other cylindrical objects. It is designed to help your production process and it can be easily adjusted to your fabricating requirements.

Using fixed height vessel rollers is beneficial for the overall performance of your production. They maximize control and traction using driveshaft-free dual drives with synchronized rotation, provide quick changes between different sized workpieces, and offer seamless integration with manipulator applications. Vessel rollers reduce pipe preparation costs, crane use, idle time, and improve welding efficiency and safety in work stations. Finally, they automatically align themselves around the workpiece without the need for manual manipulation of the rollers.

LJ fixed height turning rolls have the largest diameter range and load capacity in their class. 120T-500/600 offers a diameter range from 1.5' – 26' and a loading capacity of 150 tons that can be equally spread on the idler and driver. When rolling or rotating workpieces, 120T-500/600 can carry out an output torque of 240,000 in-lbs. We also offer a variety of accessories and options that can be added including wireless hand pendants, footswitches with variable speed style, or motorized casters

At LJ Welding, we try to offer the best solutions that meet the needs of our customers. If you’re looking for a tank turning roll with different technical specs, make sure to check out 80T-500/600 80-ton 1.5-26 ft tank turning roll or 200T-500/600 200-ton tank turning roll.