8-Ton Low Profile Pipe Roller Stands for sale

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Height adjustable vessel rotators are an essential tool in welding processes that concern extra heavy-walled pipes, light tubes, and other cylindrical workpieces. They are often used as main equipment for welding of LPG bullets, heating exchangers, API pipes,  mounted vessels, boilers, barrels, pressure vessels, and tanks.

LJ’s Pipe turning rolls offer a convenient and comfortable environment for welders working at shop benches, minimal shell/job handling, quick change-overs between different sized workpieces, and extremely heavy-duty design that ensures durability over years of use

SHD-700/750 provides faster and smoother welds with minimal human interference. Another benefit is increased productivity, shorter idle time, reduced need for skilled labor, and precise rotation of cylindrical workpieces.

Our SHD-700/750 pipe roller welding stands are made to handle pipes with a diameter ranging from 2" to 48" and weigh up to 8 tons, that are distributed equally on the driver and idle. Additionally, it uses a single drive tract effort and provides a rotation speed in a range from 5 to 50 in/min. They are equipped with polyurethane rollers, which LJ has developed, that offer the best durability and loading capacity resulting in a constant centerline of pipes. Turning rolls, as well as SHD 700/750, come with wireless control options, hand pedants, and motorized or not motorized rail casters.

If looking for a welding pipe roller stand with different technical specs, make sure to check out other products by LJ Welding, including a 4-ton pipe roller stands - HD2L-100/150 or 8-ton geared height adjustable pipe roller stand SHD-800/850.