12 Ton Height Adjustable Vessel Roll 06R-100-200-2

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Adjustable tank turning rolls are essential tools for welding processes of cylindrical objects. They are used extensively throughout various industries and other fields that concern pipes and pipe assembling. Our Adjustable tank turning rolls are irreplaceable for the modern welding processes and can be integrated within manipulator applications.

There are many benefits using our adjustable vessel rotators, the key one is the heavy-duty design and longevity of the service life that ensures quality pipe rolling even after years of use. Our vessel rotators increase the quality of production, improve the overall efficiency, and ease the operator’s workload. Additionally, they reduce the usage of cranes and support to attain exceptional quality circumferential joints on shells. Using tank turning rolls improves the welding automation and provides precise rotation of cylindrical workpieces.

06R-100A/200 features polyurethane rollers which LJ has developed especially for roller bed use. LJ also provides different options and accessories that can be added on a vessel roller per customer’s demand. It includes grippers, casters, footswitches, or upgraded control options. 06R-100A/200 has a loading capacity of 12 tons that are equally dispersed on the idler and driver. It offers an output torque of 25,000 and the height adjustability that allows pipes and other cylindrical objects to be raised and lowered within range of 23" - 39".

At LJ Welding, we try to offer the best solutions that meet the needs of our customers. If you’re looking for a tank turning roll with different technical specs, make sure to check out 20TRV-100/200 40-ton height-adjustable tank turning roll or 10TRV-100/200 20-ton height-adjustable tank turning rolls.