uesd pipeline rollers for sale

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LJ’s pipeline rollers also help minimize drag forces of pipe-pulling through horizontally drilled or bored holes. Moreover, our pipeline rollers are designed to protect, support, and guide a pipeline section during river and road crossings installations.

Our pipe roller HZM5-200 provides a modular design that allows it to execute curved pulls, and its convenient lightweight ensures that it can be easily lifted with chain, straps, or forks. LJ’s HZM5-200 ensures smooth and safe rolling that keeps the pipes above the ground, away from any dirt or anything else that could cause damage to it. Besides that, designed to protect the pipe exterior and minimize drag as the pipe is pulled through horizontal drill holes. Thanks to our pipeline roller HZM5-200, the process of handling and rolling of pipes is easier which is time saving and reduces strain on operators. It leads to a job site running more efficiently which increases productivity and in the end, profitability as well. Overall, less equipment is needed on job sites which creates easier movement all around.

LJ’s pipe rollers HZM5-200 are used to guide the tubes during installation and to center the piping accurately as it moves along the feeder cradle. Its rolling surface is composed of dual v-rollers, with the use of oversized roller bearings. LJ’s pipeline rollers are also used for supporting pipes that transmit petroleum products, crude oil, and natural gas to destinations around the globe. Our HZ6-300 pipe roller offers a load capacity of 5 tons and a diameter ranging from 4"–48". Finally, we also offer an additional feature that includes forklift pockets and lifts hooks for easier and better movement on job-site.

Are you looking for a Pipe Roller, technical specs on this one doesn’t meet your needs? Make sure to check the rest of our pipe rollers: HZ6-300 - 1-ton pipe roller support, HZM10-200 - 10-ton pipe roller, or heavy-duty HMZ405-100.