CRR General Form

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LJ’s cable reel rollers are used for rolling large cable spools, for payout, unwinding, and take-up of heavy cable. Often used in combination with a tugging or pulling unit, an LJ cable reel roller is equipped with variable speed, bidirectional controls, slip clutches to eliminate over-torque, and maximize safety.

Our cable reel roller CRR810-100 can operate remotely with the usage of foot-switches and provides fork pockets on sides for personnel safety. Using our CRR810-100 essentially limits reeling start/stop times, saving workers a lot of time. Furthermore, the handling and rolling of heavy spool cables become easier and safer for workers thanks to our cable reel rollers. Lastly, we also offer slip clutches for CRR810-100’s gearbox that ensures protection against over-torque.

The loading capacity of CR810-100 is 40 tons and the spool size range is 5–16 ft in diameter or 10 ft in maximum width. Our cable reel roller CRR55-100 can perform an output torque of 8,500 in-lbs and rotation speed of 48–480 in/min. We also offer a variety of options and accessories that can be added to the customer’s requests. That includes bidirectional hand pendants, foot-switches, and rollers.

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