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LJ’s unidirectional pipe rigging roller HZDD60-200 is used in situations where heavy and large round objects must be moved around on a job site. It keeps workers safe and lets them do their jobs efficiently.

Our HZDD60-200 helps protect the exterior of a pipe (coatings/yellow jacket) and reduces drag/pulling forces substantially. Using our HZDD60-200 pipe rack rigging system rollers provides a safer way of installing heavy pipes with fewer pinch points, less tugging, and it also decreases the crane time by up to 20 to 40%. Lastly, LJ’s HZDD60-200 improves the process of loading pipes onto modular construction pipe systems and racks. 

Our HZDD60-100 has a loading capacity of 10 tons and diameter range 24"–60". Our unidirectional roller HZDD60-200 comes with heavy-duty rollers that are supplied with steel or urethane options, handles on sides for safe and easy lifting and installation

Are you looking for a unidirectional pipe rigging roller with different technical parameters? Make sure to check out HZD12-100, HZ6-200, HZD-100, or HZ2-100.