rigging rollers for sale

LJ’s horizontal pipe rigging rollers are used for a variety of applications, in particular for installation of pipe into racks at refineries, power plants, and other industrial facilities.

LJ’s HZD12-100 narrow pipe rigging roller essentially increases the loading speed of pipes onto modular construction pipe systems and racks. It comes with our urethane rollers that protect the coating of workpieces from being damaged. Using our HZD12-100 narrow pipe rigging rollers provides a safer way of installing spooled pipe with fewer pinch points, less tugging, and decreases the crane time by 20 to 40%

Our HZD12-100 has a loading capacity of 1 ton and a diameter range from 2” to 12”. Our unidirectional rollers are designed to be lightweight, with beam clamps for quick installation and various roller head options so that pipe can be easily, safely, and efficiently be installed. Some additional features we offer is an extra small footprint for tight spaces.

Are you looking for a unidirectional pipe rigging roller with different technical parameters? Make sure to check out HZ6-200, HZ2-100, HZD-100, or HZDD60-200.